a new sensory

experience to relieve stress


The Calming Stone was developed from a need to find a mobile and intuitive sensory experience to relieve stress

The Calming Stone incorporates 4 main features: 



During stress, blood pressure rises and the heart rate increases.. The Calming Stone incorperates a cooling fan which allows the user to focus on the cool sensation while practising deep breathing. This is accompanied by a guided meditation.




The depth of stress lies within the psyche. Stress can lead to irrational thinking and it is important to control these thoughts through guided meditation. Being able to focus on a soothing voice, reiterating positive ideas, while being guiding through several breathing techniques, you can encourage your mind to think positively while reducing your heart rate.




The Calming Stone also inlcudes smell capsules, such as lavender, that can be additionally inserted to accompany the cooling fan. Scents such as Lavender have been shown to reduce anxiey and stress. 




The organic shape of the Calming Stone was specifically designed to fit naturally in the palm of your hand. The ergonomic design was created to simplify the experience, so that it becomes intuative to use during moments of stress.



The overall calming effects of this device enables it to be used by anyone under stress or feeling anxious. Whether it be a child before school speeches, a professional before a board presentation or an athlete before a competition. The Calming Stone is something that anyone struggling with stress can place their trust in to help regain a sense of control.


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